5 Blogs We Love

If you are not following these amazing bloggers for your design inspiration then what are you waiting for? As the Influencers of our industry, every layer of their personality is displayed through their blogs and social media.  

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Sarah Akwisombe

We love Sarah’s bold and eclectic style and how fearless she is in combining different looks to create her own unique scheme. It's not a coincidence that her motto is “to empower [people] to confidently show [their] wicked personality”! Isn’t this what design should all be about? Being a mum, a blogger and the founder of No Bull Business School, she is the living proof that you should always follow your passions no matter what and we admire her so much! 

Sarah Akwisombe’s  Instagram Feed

Sarah Akwisombe’s Instagram Feed

Interior Style Hunter  

We share the same ambition as Grant Pierrus to make good design accessible to all. We love everything he is involved with... from the series Design Rules, where he shares tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect interior style, to his commitment in discovering amazing talent in our industry – this award-winning blogger is truly making a difference.   

From Interior Style Hunter’s inspirational interview with  David Collins Studio

From Interior Style Hunter’s inspirational interview with David Collins Studio

The Pink House

The Pink House is founded and directed by Emily Murray whose passion for travelling, fashion and art is fused into her unique interior design style. We love her maximalist taste for interiors and resonate with her fashion addiction! The “do you dress like your decor” series, featuring other bloggers and influencers is one of our favourites.  

The Pink House’s  Instagram Feed

The Pink House’s Instagram Feed

Mad About The House

Mad About The House emerges from the work of Kate Watson-Smyth, a former journalist whose work has been featured by the Independent, The Financial Times and the Daily Mail and many others. Fond of the idea that a space should always tell a story, Kate defines her style as ‘Urban Glamour’. Her interior designs communicate depth through the use of dark colours and the combination of new and old pieces. Gold is always a must to brighten up a space and balance out the drama!  

Mad About That House’s  Instagram Feed

Mad About That House’s Instagram Feed

We are always on a hunt to find new inspirational people to follow - what are your favourite bloggers? Let us know in the comments below!


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