Amber’s Tips For Living Tidy With A Dog

Meet our Yohan May mascot: Bailey the Boxer, my 2.5-year-old fur child that lights up our days in our studio.   

Last month Michele shared all her advice for living in style with a toddler, after such wonderful feedback I wanted to reveal my secrets to keeping my home / the YM workspace tidy and spotless. Everyone leads such busy lives and these are my top tips that will fit nicely into our routine and mean you can enjoy longevity with your homewares and minimise
the mess a dog can create.  

Home Staging_Yohan May Interiors1.jpg

Hang your Lead.

With a hanging rack like this, Bailey’s leads are ready to grab when I head out the door. I never misplace them and they don’t clutter my living space

Artboard 35.jpg
Home Staging_Yohan May Interiors.jpg

Dirty Paws

Minimise dirty paw marks, especially during the colder months. This tip involves some gentle training so your dog will wait for your signal before entering the house. I keep an old towel hidden but within reach and before Bailey comes bounding in I wipe any moister or dirt from his paws.

Artboard 39.jpg

Dribble Prevention

To avoid mopping the kitchen floor twice a day, I found this practical and stylish mat that absorbs any water or food spills during his mealtimes

Artboard 40.jpg

Protect your sofa

I bought my velvet The Sofa & Chair Company sofa before Bailey came along, so I needed to find a solution to have cuddles without completely destroying it. These blankets are pet hair resistant and can be thrown in the washing machine…easy!

Artboard 43.jpg

Stylish Sleeping

I found this American brand - Orvis - to be great value for money, both stylish and highly durable. Bailey seems to love it!

Artboard 41.jpg
H&M Home_Toy Storage_Yohan May Interiors.jpg

Stylish Toy Storage

Much like Michele’s suggestion for stylish toy storage in her post, I have the same idea for Bailey’s toys. A similar solution can be the H&M basket, it fits nicely in most interior schemes and discreetly holds toys so you don’t trip over them!