Designing A Rental Property

In the last year, we noticed an increased preference for renting over buying. The political and economic instability of the recent times has definitely played a big factor, but some theorise it might also be a generational trend…

‘Millennial’s are set to rent for the rest of their lives – and if they do, the UK's economy will see serious consequences [...] For those born after 1980 – the millennial generation – the ownership rate has, of course, collapsed even more dramatically, mainly thanks to fast rising house prices and pitifully meagre wage growth since the financial crisis’.
(The Independent, 2018)

Only last year, Forbes stated that overall, renting it’s really starting to become cheaper even in the long term!

With more and more people deciding to stay longer-term in rental properties, creating a personal stamp on your temporary interior is becoming a trend. In today’s post, we will walk you through how to incorporate your personality and taste into your rented home with only a few, budget-friendly steps that avoid over-investment.


To add style to your rental we always suggest going to the high street and getting your hands on some low price-point decorative accessories. H&M Home is one of our favourites places when it comes to finding great style at bargain prices, their collection of vases and cushions rival some high-end designers. Our co-founder Michele recently got her hands on a beautiful black marble vase as shown below; she likes to style it with fresh yellow tulips to add a spark of colour to her dining room.

blog post 20th may.jpg


Plants and flowers inject colour and a feeling of ‘life’ into your home - a room always feels like something is missing without this finishing touch. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can consider faux flowers or plants which are so low maintenance. We really like Abigail Ahern’s selection, especially the green hydrangeas.



We all have items that hold sentimental meaning to us, those that tell our story and will make us feel at home wherever we are. These are the things that most easily elevate your home and make it look unique to your style. Think of how to showcase them on some shelving or give them new life if you have some older furniture with upholstery.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 14.12.42.png


Books and magazines are the best way to bring in colour to your interiors! Whether on a bookshelf, coffee table or desk they always add some character to your scheme and can become an easy way to create a colour pattern in your home. We personally enjoy stacking books and adorning them with accessories. If you own an illustrated book, consider keeping it open; that way it will contribute to bring in some art and invite your guest to flick through it.

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Don’t forget to comment below! We would love to know how many of you are currently renting and how to you incorporate your style without over-investing x

Michele Lomax-Atijas