SLEEK Hurlingham PIED-à-TErre

Cosmetic improvements, when necessary, will set a property apart in the market. Our clients had a return on their investment and have success with selling their property as fast as possible.

The challenge

Our clients had their property on the market for 8-months with minimal viewings and buyers giving the feedback that it had no light and were put off by security bars over the windows. We repainted, re-carpeted and removed the security gates transforming the flat into a brighter, lighter space.

The Numbers

With a completely refreshed design and some sleek and contemporary staging, the property sold within the 12-week lease period with the buyer purchasing some of the furniture.


A delighted client who couldn't believe the transformation that also met her tight budget.

Design Curator’s Anchor

Amber worked closely with our renovations team to completely transform the dated, murky yellow atmosphere of the flat into a bright and contemporary soft grey palette with a furniture layout creating the illusion of more space. Her budget-friendly approach to assign budget to the most impactful improvements gave her client a polished and sophisticated look and resulted in a fast and profitable sale for her client.