michele atijas

director & CO-FOUNDER

“I love nothing more than to see the look of delight on a client’s face when they first see their staged or styled home, the surprise at how much better it looks than they imagined!”

Born in New Zealand unto an English father and Danish mother, Michele grew up with a deep appreciation of global design which ignited a passionate curiosity that led her to live in Australia, Thailand the UAE and finally to the UK. "I have always believed in the unparalleled education travel provides - from the food, smells and geographic nuances to the incredible artwork, interiors and vibrant cultural expressions," she says. Though she enjoyed the travel involved in managing the global graduate programmes at Deutsche Bank- she worked in London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York for over 4 years - she was acutely aware that her passion was in design. Thus, she left her corporate job to work in Interiors and co-founded Yohan May just three years later.
Michele's clients adore her bold-yet-sophisticated approach which use golden metallics and fierce contrasts of colour, pattern and texture. “I love to add a narrative to my designs, ensuring a buyer or homeowner feels an immediate connection to a space. It’s about making a lasting memory of the carefully-styled interiors we work on,” she says.

In her spare time, Michele continues to be inspired by travel, a pastime she now shares with her husband Darko and young son, Rafael. "I still find so much inspiration in architecture and in nature itself. I love bringing all of these beautiful elements into people's homes."

amber friederichs

director & co-founder

“I love the challenge of bringing  refined luxury to a space on a tight budget.”

Growing up in the Netherlands and Belgium, Amber was surrounded by antiques and auctions and enjoyed watching the transformative process of various property renovations. Curious about American design, she moved to the United States where she received a degree in International business design.

Amber is known for her ability to bring elegance and whispers of drama to spaces using velvets, grand furniture pieces and neutrally-patterned cushions are seen in the projects she directed. She oversees the majority of cosmetic changes carried out on a property by the companies experienced renovations team, and with good reason; her eye for detail and love of creativity that can be seen in all areas of her life. From her designs and fashion to the way she prepares meals and styles her table when hosting her intimate dinner parties, she curates every part of a room and evening.

Amber's passion for travel, physically challenging adventures and cosiness of her home (where her dog awaits, although also joins the team at the office at times) all shine through in her choice of style. "I love to combine elegance and luxury with practicalities that make a home warm and liveable," she says.

beatrice bekar

operations manager


Born in Milan, Beatrice has Turkish and Italian origins. While living in Istanbul, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, she dwelled across European and Middle Eastern aesthetics that nurtured her taste for design and craftsmanship.

The diverse background she carries brought her in London where, while following her natural inclination of combining and experimenting with contrasting elements, she pursued a path in Design Management which she sees as the opportunity of balancing the freedom of creativity and innovation with the strategic approach of management practices.

The interest in fashion and graphic design is visible in her design process as a whole, always focused on creating strong identities through colours and patterns to create unique, user centred experiences. Her background in goldsmithing, from which she gained keen attention to details, also emerges in a personal taste for combining metallic surfaces with uniquely crafted objects.

Strongly believing in the powerful communicative role of design, she sees in interior design the possibility to foster positive social and spatial interactions and to create, together with functional solutions, an aesthetically pleasing narrative.

Jack Lomax

HEAD OF IT & ecommerce

Born in the UK and raised in New Zealand, Jack grew up in a family that was passionate about global travel and has had a deep appreciation for international architecture and natural landscapes since childhood.

"As a young man, I was constantly staring at beautiful structures and comparing and contrasting different designs. I loved being outside where I could be surrounded by stunning design - created by a person or natural wonders. I played football at a high level and when I wasn't on the field, you could usually find me surfing or snowboarding," he says.

An analytical and critical thinker by nature, Jack enjoys investigating and debating globally-relevant topics that impact human rights and the environment which can be seen in the career path he has chosen. After working on some of the most prestigious construction projects in the UAE including, Yas Island Marina Hotel which sits ON the Formula 1 track, Ferrari World, The Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi, The Abu Dhabi Investment Council Buildings and The Dubai Mall,  Jack moved to the USA to work in Business Development and IT at an environmental start-up pursuing consultation work within the US govt, disaster relief in Puerto Rico and various private sectors. He recently moved back the UK to be closer to his sister, Michele, and his nephew where he ensures that all of the Yohan May team’s ideas come to life and give clients the best experience.

As Head of IT & eCommerce, Jack looks after the operations, supply chain, online presence and eCommerce of the company.