Award Winning Interiors

It is beyond humbling that we were not only nominated (if it was you please tell us so we can say thank you!) but that we also WON two Build 2018 Architecture awards recognising our work 😁


Amber and I started Yohan May out of our fiery passion for interior design, so to get recognised amongst some seriously impressive peers for the work we do is not only humbling, but majorly inspiring and encouraging too.

Love what you do and never work a day in your life’, um not sure if this is always true when you start a company, but it certainly helps to have passion when you ride the entrepreneur roller coaster, see below and try not to get dizzy…


By Derek Halpern


So How Do We Do It?

Amber and I have created a tailored one-on-one experience for our clients as well as a transparent process. It is so wonderful that we are able to tap into a relatively difficult part of interior design and have carefully vetted suppliers who hold stock, so our projects can be delivered in a considerably shorter time span. We put our clients at the centre of everything – always focussing on their satisfaction and working to their objectives, having 100% customer happiness keeps us motivated and moving forwards.

have a plan b!

Installations don’t always go to plan so we always have a Plan B. When paired together some accessories won’t look their absolute best in a property’s unique lighting. It is this reason that we ALWAYS curate extra styling tools to experiment with when making the finishing touches on a project. We are known to be perfectionists so sourcing back-up accessories and soft furnishings arms us with the tools to create an award-winning (😉) styled property.

making it happen

We simply could not have made it this far without our ride-or-die team; Jack, Beatrice and Charlotte – thank you for being so cool, sassy and clever. It is one thing having great ideas, but entirely another thing to execute them - after all a business is made of the people, and these people are The Business! And how about our client’s that put all their trust in us? We have been so blessed to work with some amazing people, both developers and private sellers all of which we owe major gratitude to. And let’s not forget the collaborations with our uber cool friends in the artworld; MTArt Agency and 508 Gallery PLUS the amazing vendors who provide such a wonderful service to support all deliverables. ✌️


Join us on our interior journey! Keep an eye on our blog as we will be sharing our tips and the transformations we work on each fortnight.

Michele x

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