Beatrice Bekar

operations manager

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Born in Milan, Beatrice has Turkish and Italian origins. While living in Istanbul, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, she dwelled across European and Middle Eastern aesthetics that nurtured her taste for design and craftsmanship.

The diverse background she carries brought her in London where, while following her natural inclination of combining and experimenting with contrasting elements, she pursued a path in Design Management which she sees as the opportunity of balancing the freedom of creativity and innovation with the strategic approach of management practices.

The interest in fashion and graphic design is visible in her design process as a whole, always focused on creating strong identities through colours and patterns to create unique, user centred experiences. Her background in goldsmithing, from which she gained keen attention to details, also emerges in a personal taste for combining metallic surfaces with uniquely crafted objects.

Strongly believing in the powerful communicative role of design, she sees in interior design the possibility to foster positive social and spatial interactions and to create, together with functional solutions, an aesthetically pleasing narrative.